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  1. the psychology of evil
    1. The Lucifer effect
      1. The chapter is about the metamorphosis of good to evil
        1. Am I capable of evil ?
          1. We fear evil but we are fascinated by it ,why?
            1. why is easier to do bad than to do good ?
            2. Everyone is able to do bad ?
              1. what are the causes that make you do bad ?
                1. Dispositional
                  1. internal
                    1. Is it the apple that is rotten?
                      1. Genes (20%)
                  2. Situational
                    1. external
                      1. is the is the environment or the situations
                        1. 80 %
                    2. systemic
                      1. broad influence
                        1. political , economic , legal power , etc.
                  3. What is the definition of evil ?
                    1. Evil consists in intentionally behaving in way that harm ,abuse ,demean,dehumanized , or destroy innocent other
                        1. An conception treats evil in incrementalist terms , as something of which we are all capable , depending on circumstances
                          1. "our Tutsi neighbors , we knew they were not guilty of no misdoing , but we thought all Tutsis at fault for our constante troubles "
                            1. "we were doing a job to order."
                              1. People can lose there humanity and and forget who they are
                                1. People lose their humanity and forget who they are .
                        2. Does power make people evil ? why?
                          1. People get obsessive with power , at a certain point they believe they can do what ever they want ,as long as they get what they want .
                            1. More power.
                              1. More money .
                                1. More Attention
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