Climate Changes

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Climate Changes MindMap

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Climate Changes
  1. Greenhouse effect
    1. A fraction of the heat goes directly back into the space
      1. The rest is trapped in lower layers
      2. Caused by: Gases and water vapor
        1. Increase heating
          1. More water evaporation
            1. We produce other greenhouse gases
              1. Burning Fossil fuels
                1. Causes
                  1. 60% of warming
                2. Methane
                  1. Causes
                    1. 15% of warming
                    2. Generated by
                      1. Decomposing Garbage
                3. Average of temperature
                  1. Rise by 1 to 3.5 degrees in the next hundred years
                  2. Missing Carbon
                    1. Oceans serve as a vast "Sink" for Carbon Dioxide
                      1. Human activity release 7 billon metric tones of carbon
                        1. 3 Billon tons remain in Air
                          1. Reast taken by terrestrial and marine plants
                            1. Oceans remove at least 2 billon carbon each year
                              1. Image:
                              2. Image:
                        2. Anticipating the Future
                          1. Some events can change the climate
                            1. Collapse in the Atlantic "Conveyor Belt"
                              1. System that brings
                                1. Warm water norh from the Equator
                                  1. Keeping Europ several degrees warmer than normal
                                2. Conveyor Belt:
                              2. No one knows for certain whether such things will happen
                                1. Tim Barnett said:
                                  1. "The next 10 years will tell"
                                    1. "We are going to have to wait that long to really see"
                                2. What drives Climate Cahnge?
                                  1. Solar Input
                                    1. The atmospohere
                                      1. The ocean
                                        1. The Water Cycle
                                          1. Clouds
                                            1. Ice and Snow
                                              1. Land Surface
                                                1. Human influences
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