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Potential ideas/tools


Small mind map of some potential features of the Portal.
Mind Map by hobbit_steph, updated more than 1 year ago
Created by hobbit_steph over 6 years ago

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Potential ideas/tools
  1. Regular newsletter/mailchimp, describing updates to the website
    1. Links through:
      1. area
        1. broad issue e.g. "relationship"
          1. gender
            1. age group
            2. Word clouds
              1. blog
                1. Repository of radio/cty radio CLE?
                  1. bite/snack/meal
                    1. Powerful search engine
                      1. FAQs
                        1. Video scribe/biteable for intro and key topics?
                          1. Before entering site - quick survey about how user found out
                            1. After use - quick survey about how users like to receive information?
                              1. Web forum link
                                1. Google maps - profiles of communities
                                  1. Cater for people with disabilities
                                    1. Read speaker (text to speech tool)
                                      1. HTML + PDF + word?
                                        1. Easy read guides
                                          1. Video discussing services, translated into Auslan
                                            1. Photostories
                                              1. Options to increase text size
                                                1. Talking posters
                                                  1. Collect resources via Crime/Family/Civil distinctions
                                                    1. Short introductory video
                                                      1. Preliminary survey to direct them to most relevant parts for them?
                                                        1. Languages translated in language
                                                          1. Badges?
                                                            1. Categorisation of information re. difficulty (one hat = easy, two hats = a little more, three hats = a lot of info etc.)
                                                              1. Ask - Was page useful? At the bottom
                                                                1. Quick Exit
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