Effective Citizens

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Effective Citizens
1 History
1.1 Analyze past battles
1.2 Organize causes of events
1.3 Make a timeline of Indus River Civilizations
1.4 Analyze events of the Ming Dynasty
1.5 radio-carbon date dinosaur bones
1.6 Teach about Ancient Egyptians
1.7 List effects of an invasion
2 Geography
2.1 Use map Scale
2.2 Learn favorite foods
2.3 Work in mines
2.4 Protecting wildlife
2.5 Live/study various Bantu tribes
2.6 Write a travel guide to Indonesia
2.7 Captain a ship accross the Atlantic
3 Government
3.1 Choosing positions
3.2 Participate in a formal debate
3.3 Identify types of government
3.4 Go to political rally
3.5 Know the Bill Of Rights
3.6 Contact representative
3.7 Write/sign a petition
3.8 Use data for population of cities
3.9 Represent USA as an ambassador in Kenya
3.10 Run for city council
3.11 Represent a defendant at a trial
4 Economics
4.1 Make household budgets
4.2 Understand religious beliefs
4.3 Design/sell auto parts
4.4 Moving products to another state
4.5 Support clean-water projects
4.6 Decide on goods this quarter
4.7 Make deals with a Chinese company to trade smart watches
4.8 Be a police officer
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