Skills of effective citizens

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Skills of effective citizens
1 Government
1.1 Gather evidence to solve an issue
1.2 Formal debate with evidence
1.3 Identify types of government
1.4 Contact representative
1.5 Petition
1.6 Political rally
1.7 US Ambassador in Kenya
1.8 CIty Council
1.9 Bill of Rights
1.10 Police Officer
1.11 Represent a defendant in a criminal case
2 History
2.1 Analyze past battles
2.2 Organize events from B.C.
2.3 Effects of invasion
2.4 Teach about ancient Egytians
2.5 Radio Carbon Dinosaur bones
2.6 Major Events of Ming Dynasty
2.7 Make timeline of Indus RIver Civilizations
3 Geography
3.1 Use a map scale
3.2 Understand different religions
3.3 Protect wildliife
3.4 Clean water projects
3.5 Live and study various Bantu tribes
3.6 Travel guide to Indonesia
3.7 Work in a diamond mine
3.8 Learn the foods of Jungle Pygmies
4 Economy
4.1 Household budgets
4.2 Hire company to move products
4.3 Decide how many goods to produce
4.4 Make deal with Chinese to trade watches
4.5 Captain a ship
4.6 Design and sell auto parts
4.7 Use data to predict the density of the poulation in twenty years
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