Things Effective Citizens Can Do

Yates Bellamy
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Things Effective Citizens Can Do
  1. goverment
    1. gather evidence to choose a position about an isssue
      1. participate in formal debate with evidence
        1. identify goverments
          1. contact representative
            1. write or sign a petion
              1. Go to political rally
                1. Run for city council
                  1. Represent the USA as an ambassador
                    1. Defend at a criminal trial
                      1. Know the Bill of rights
                        1. Predict population data for the next 20 years
                        2. Geoghraphy
                          1. Use Map Scale
                            1. understand differnt beliefs and how they impact people
                              1. protect wildlife
                                1. support clean water projects
                                  1. live among tribe and study them
                                    1. Write travel guide to Indonesia
                                      1. Learn favorite foods of jungle Pygmies
                                        1. Make a household budget
                                        2. Economics
                                          1. make house budget
                                            1. hire ditsrubution company to move your products
                                              1. Decide how many goods to produce
                                                1. Captian a ship across Atlantic
                                                  1. Make a deal witha Chinese company to sell watches
                                                    1. Be a police officer
                                                      1. Work in diamond mine
                                                        1. Design and sell auto parts
                                                        2. History
                                                          1. anylyze past battles
                                                            1. organize causes from BC
                                                              1. List effects of an invasion
                                                                1. Teach about ancient Egyptians
                                                                  1. Analyze events of the Ming Dynasty
                                                                    1. date the age of dinosaur bones
                                                                      1. Make a timeline of Indus River civilizations
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