Living with Volcanoes

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this are the advantages of living near volcanoes

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Living with Volcanoes
1 What are the benefits of living close to a volcano ?


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1.1 Volcanoes provide energy extraction, better known as Geothermal energy, that they can use for making electricity.
1.2 It is a touristic place, so tourist jobs are available for the people of the town. This means more money for the Locals and the government. They can work at gifts shops, tour guides, and working in hotels.
1.3 Because of the lava, when it cools, it can be mined and these include, gold,silver, diamonds, etc.
1.4 Because of the farming, with rich minerals. Lava is weathered to form nutrient rich soil which is cultivated to produce healthy food.
1.5 Because there are very nice landscapes , and natural places near volcanoes that families and people want to go, every certain time, to explore, learn new things, and have fun.
1.6 Because of the quarry, there are many stone deposits from volcanic eruptions, that can be turned to quarries.
1.7 Nabih Issa and Vincent Tincopa.
2 Socio Economic Effects of the April 2010 Eyjaf eruption
2.1 Airlines: Air travel was cancelled because of air restricitons, mainly caused by the volcanic ashes. A day without air travelling worldwide, the loss would be about 200 million Dollars.
2.2 European Economies: Different products couldn´t be shipped by air worldwide because of the heavy and dense ashes that were spread through the air
2.3 Cultural Impacts
2.3.1 British Musical arts that were supposed to perform in Coachella Valley were cancelled due to the close of European airspace
2.3.2 Grand Prix of Motorcycles in Japan was cancelled because of the absence of european teams, that were the most popular.
2.3.3 Football matches for the semi - finals of the 2010/2011 Champions League were postponed for further dates because the teams couldn´t fly from their country to another. That make a lot of disturbs in football fans around the world,
2.4 Economics all over Asia and Europe were hit in big, making almost a crisis in eastern Europe and Asia because external relationships.
2.5 A big number of politician schedules were cancelled, from Qatar´s Emir special meetings, to Barack Obama´s meeting with Vladimir Putin in Russia.
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