Effective Citizens

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Effective Citizens
1 Government
1.1 voting
1.2 debate
1.3 different types
1.4 lawyer
1.5 political rally
1.6 represent the USA as an ambassador in Kenya
1.7 run for city council
1.8 represent a defendant at a criminal trial
1.9 police
1.10 know the Bill of Rights
2 Geography
2.1 use a map scale
2.2 religious beliefs
2.3 protecting wildlife
2.4 study the Bantu tribes
2.5 write travel guide to Indonisia
2.6 use data to predict the population density in 20 years
3 Economics
3.1 make a budget
3.2 petition
3.3 projects
3.4 hiring
3.5 producing goods
3.6 deals with other countries
3.7 captain a ship across the Atlantic Ocean
3.8 work in a diamond mine
3.9 design and sell auto parts
4 History
4.1 analyze past battles
4.2 organize causes from B.C
4.3 list effects of an invasion
4.4 teach about Ancient Egyptians
4.5 analyze the events of the Ming Dynasty
4.6 make a timeline of the Indus River Civilization
4.7 learn the favorite foods of the jungle pygmies
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