Effective Citizens

Matthew Hannon
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Matthew Hannon
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Effective Citizens
  1. Geography
    1. Use a map scale
      1. Religious Beliefs
        1. Protect Wildlife
          1. Live among Bantu Tribes
            1. Write a travel guide
              1. Find date of Dinosaur bones
                1. Learn Favorite foods of jungle pygmies
                  1. Predict Population
                  2. Economics
                    1. Make a budget
                      1. Petition
                        1. Clean Water Projects
                          1. Move Products
                            1. Produce Goods
                              1. Make a trade with other countries
                                1. Captain a ship
                                  1. Work in diamond mines
                                    1. Design ans sell auto parts
                                    2. History
                                      1. Analyze past battles
                                        1. Organize causes from BC
                                          1. List effects of invation
                                            1. Teach about ancient Egyiptians
                                              1. Major events of Ming Dynasty
                                                1. Make a timeline
                                                2. Government
                                                  1. Voting
                                                    1. Debate
                                                      1. Contact a representative
                                                        1. Identify different Governments
                                                          1. Police Officer
                                                            1. Political Rally
                                                              1. Represent ambassador
                                                                1. Run for City Council
                                                                  1. Represent a defendate
                                                                    1. Know the Bill of Rights
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