Effective Citizens

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Effective Citizens
  1. Geography
    1. Map Scale
      1. Protecting Wildlife
        1. Clean Water Projets
          1. Live among the Bantu
            1. Write Travel Guide
              1. Captin A Ship
                1. Represent as an Ambassador
                  1. Learn foods of animals
                    1. Work in a Diamond mine
                    2. Civics
                      1. Gather Info for Issue
                        1. Paripitate In Debate
                          1. Identify types of goverment
                            1. Sign A Petition
                              1. Go to a political rally
                                1. Run for Councl
                                  1. Be in court
                                    1. Be a police officer
                                    2. History
                                      1. Analyze Past Battles
                                        1. Organize Events BC
                                          1. Understand Religion
                                            1. List Effects of an Invasion
                                              1. Teach About Eygptians
                                                1. Date Dinos.
                                                  1. Major events of time period
                                                    1. make a timeline
                                                      1. know the bBil of Rights
                                                      2. Economics
                                                        1. Household Budjet
                                                          1. Contact A Rep.
                                                            1. Hire Distribution Co.
                                                              1. Decide How Many Goods To produce
                                                                1. Trade With The Chinese
                                                                  1. use data
                                                                    1. Design and sell Auto Parts
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