Effective Citizens

Elliott Richter
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Elliott Richter
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Mind map of Effective Citizens

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Effective Citizens
  1. Economics
    1. Make Budget
      1. Distribution Companies
        1. Produce Goods
          1. trade deal
            1. Police Officer
              1. Sell Auto Parts
                1. Population Density
                2. Geography
                  1. Map Scale
                    1. Protecting Wildlife
                      1. Clean Water Projects
                        1. Travel Guide
                          1. Ship Captain
                            1. Indus River Civilizations
                              1. Learn About Jungle Pygmies
                                1. Diamond Mine In Sierra Leone
                                2. Government
                                  1. Participte in Debates
                                    1. Types of Governments
                                      1. Representative
                                        1. Political Rally
                                          1. Invasion Effects
                                            1. US Embassador
                                              1. City Council
                                                1. Criminal Trials
                                                  1. Bill of Rights
                                                    1. Petition
                                                      1. Vote
                                                      2. History
                                                        1. Analyze Battles
                                                          1. Cause and Events
                                                            1. Religious Beliefs
                                                              1. Study Tribes
                                                                1. Teach about Ancient Egyptians
                                                                  1. Dinosaur Bones
                                                                    1. Ming Dynasty
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