Effective Citizens

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Effective Citizens
1 Geography
1.1 Map Skills
1.2 Understand how different religions impact life
1.3 Study the bantu tribes
1.4 list effects of an ivansion
1.5 write travel guide
1.6 Captain a ship
1.7 Know the food habits of jungle pygmies
1.8 Work in a diamond mine
2 Economics
2.1 Household budget
2.2 Ask a rep to solve a problem
2.3 Write/sign a petition
2.4 Hire a company to help you move
2.5 Decide how much to produce this quarter
2.6 Trade with a chinese smart watch company
2.7 Sell auto parts
3 Civics
3.1 Positions on Issues
3.2 Formal debate
3.3 Identify goverments
3.4 Protect wildlife
3.5 Support clean water projects
3.6 Go to political rally
3.7 represent the u.s.a. in kenya
3.8 Run for city council
3.9 represent a defendant at a trail
3.10 Be a police officer
3.11 Predict the population of your city in 20 years
4 History
4.1 Analyze past battles
4.2 Events from BC
4.3 teach about ancient egyptians
4.4 Carbon-date dinosaur bones
4.5 Analyze the Ming dynasty
4.6 Timeline Indus river civilzations
4.7 Know the bill of rights
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