Effective Citizens

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Effective Citizens
1 Geography
1.1 Map Scale far away citys
1.2 Protects Widlife
1.3 Supports projects
1.4 Travel guide
1.5 Captain Ship
1.6 Predict the population in 20 years
2 Economics
2.1 Household Budget
2.2 Hires copanys
2.3 Produce Rates
2.4 Deal with Chinese
2.5 Work in a diamond mine
2.6 Design and sell auto parts
3 Governments
3.1 Gather evidence position issue
3.2 Formal debate
3.3 Indentify Different Governments
3.4 Contact Representive
3.5 Petition
3.6 Political Rally
3.7 Lists Invation
3.8 Represent Usa
3.9 Run for city council
3.10 Represent at a trial
3.11 Police
3.12 Know the B.O.R
4 History
4.1 past battles
4.2 Events before BC
4.3 Different Religions
4.4 Study tribes
4.5 Teach Ancient Egyptians
4.6 Age of Dinosaur bones
4.7 Analyze Major Events
4.8 Make a timeline of ancient civelizations
4.9 Learn the favorite foods of Jungle Pygmies
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