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1 Civics
1.1 Gather evidence about a important issue
1.2 Participate in a formal debate
1.3 Identify different types of government
1.4 Contact your representative
1.5 Sign a petition
1.6 Run for city council
1.7 Go to a political rally
1.8 List the effects of an invasion
1.9 Become an ambassador in Kenya
1.10 Represent a criminal at a trial
2 Economics
2.1 Make a household budget
2.2 Hire a distribution company
2.3 Decide how many goods to produce
2.4 Trade smart watches
2.5 Support clean water projects
2.6 Sell auto parts
2.7 Captain a ship
2.8 Be a police officer
2.9 Predict the population density in 20 years
3 History
3.1 Analyze past battles
3.2 Organize causes of events from BC
3.3 Understand religious beliefs
3.4 Know the bill of rights
3.5 Date the age of dinosaur bones
3.6 Analyze the Ming Dynasty
3.7 Teach about Ancient Egyptians
3.8 Make a timeline
4 Geography
4.1 Use a map scale
4.2 Help protect wildlife
4.3 Write a travel guide
4.4 Live among the Bantu tribes
4.5 Learn about jungle pygmies
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