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Sheep Breeds


Sheep breeds mind map.
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Sheep Breeds
  1. Meat Breeds
    1. Hampshire
      1. Developed in 1700's, imported before1840
      2. Columbia
        1. Cross of the lincoln, and Rambouillet, developed in U.S.
        2. Southdown
          1. Early maturing, and polled.
          2. Montedale
            1. Developed in the Cheviot Hills of North England, small and blocky.
            2. Suffolk
              1. First imported in 1888, no wool on head or legs
              2. Karakul
                1. Asian breed, and is harvested in the first few days of life.
              3. Milk Breeds
                1. Finnsheep
                  1. Originated in Finland, small in size.
                2. Wool Breeds
                  1. Course Breeds
                    1. Lincoln
                      1. Imported in 1700's, very late maturing.
                    2. Fine Breeds
                      1. Rambouillet
                        1. Originated in France, developed from Spanish Merino
                        2. Finnsheep
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