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A small presentation of the Michio Kaku lecture on the Universe

Resource summary

  1. History of Physics
    1. Aristotle Theory of Moving Objects
      1. Objects yearn to be with the Earth
        1. Tired Objects slow down
      2. Modern Physics
        1. Issac Newton
          1. Gravitational Force
            1. Newton asked the question: does the moon fall?. He then discovered Gravity which unravelled the secrets of planetary motion
            2. Calculus
              1. Newton developed calculus to describe the motion of the moon
              2. Law's of Motion
                1. Reflecting Telescope
                  1. Newton invented the reflecting telescope to map the motion of the Haley's Comet and saw that the path of the comet conforms to his calculus
                2. Michael Faraday
                  1. Electro-Magnetism
                    1. Faraday developed the laws of of Electro-Magnetism to unleash the Industrial Revolution
                      1. Can Electro-magnetism be described as a wave ?
                    2. James Maxwell
                      1. Velocity of EM wave
                        1. James Maxwell found that the Velocity of EM wave was the Velocity of light
                          1. Light is an EM wave
                    3. Nuclear Age
                      1. Weak Nuclear Force-
                        1. Governs the understanding of Radioactive Decay
                        2. Strong Nuclear Force-
                          1. Bind components of an atoms nucles
                          2. E=mc2
                            1. Explains the loss of mass when atoms are bombarded
                              1. Particle Accelrator created
                                1. Anti Matter Discovered
                                  1. The collosion of matter and anti-matter releases the greatest energy source in the universe
                              2. Standard Model Of Physics
                                1. The Particle Zoo of the Sub-Atomic PArticles
                                  1. A catalog of all Sub-atomic Particles present within the nucleus. Particles include Fermiions,Quarks, Mesons, Free parameter
                                2. String Theory - Theory of Everything
                                  1. Theory to explain which could explain what existed before the Big Bang
                                    1. Multiverse of Universe. When two universes collide/fission new universes are formed
                                      1. Why Is knowing all this Important
                                        1. As our universe expands we shall freeze to death.Laws of Physics serve as a warning to all intelligent life on earth, to leave this universe and to travel to other multiverses
                                    2. Super String Vibrating at different frequencies in different dimensions which give rise to the fundamental forces of nature
                                      1. Wormhole
                                      2. Fifth Fundamental Force ?
                                        1. Dark Energy- Covers 73 % of the cosmos and is the Energy responsible for the expansion of the universe
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