Codes and conventions of short films

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Forms and Conventions mind map to aid my research into short films - september 2015

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Codes and conventions of short films
1 Length and Basic Information
1.1 normally 5 minutes long
1.2 A few main characters and no extras as the film is too short
1.3 Popular at UK film festivals
1.4 most popular conventions of short films are animation or live action
2 Concepts
2.1 short films tend to be realistic
2.2 Normal everyday situations
2.3 normally involve problems which need to be solved by the protagonist
3 Budgets
3.1 Often have low budgets or no budget at all
3.2 Actors in short films are often young or amateurs aged between 16-25
3.3 Short films are usually for first time directors and people just starting out.
3.3.1 no big names, no star appeal
4 Twist
4.1 Often normal day situations with an added plot twist involved
4.2 some parts of the story aren't revealed until the end
5 Technical Ideas and Recurring Themes
5.1 Commonly short films don't use CGI
5.2 Normally more basic equipment is used
5.2.1 It is common to see voiceover and narration used to tell the story rather than dialogue
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