Army Training For Girls In The UAE

Shamsa Alfalasi
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Shamsa Alfalasi
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Mind Map on Army Training For Girls In The UAE, created by Shamsa Alfalasi on 09/14/2015.

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Army Training For Girls In The UAE
  1. Mandatory Army Classes in Colleges and Universities
    1. Learn self-defense
      1. gain Courage
        1. Learn patience, endurance and strength
          1. To be professionally prepared in case of an emergency
            1. women have the responsibility to Protect their homeland equally as men
              1. Obtain a certificate from the UAE Goverment that recognizes the skills of emirate women
                1. Make the emirate women Stronger
                  1. Mentally
                    1. Schools
                      1. Colleges, Universities
                      2. Physically
                        1. Training
                          1. Sport
                      3. Examples of famous and strong emirates woman
                        1. Maryam Al Mansoory
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