Compulsory sport classes

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Compulsory sport classes

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Compulsory sport classes
1 Health Problems
1.1 Diseases
1.1.1 Obesity
1.1.2 Diabetes
1.1.3 Depression
1.1.4 Effects in UAE
2 Health Solutions in UAE educational curriculum
2.1 Sport classes in UAE educational Curriculam
2.1.1 Compulsory sport classes in Dubai women's college Why - To figure out which sport is popular among students -To see if the compulsory sport classes for all majors or not - To know the impact of the sport training lessons to the students either if its practical or presentations - To find out the type of classes and machines that students should use - To know whether students are interested and active In the compulsory sport classes or not - To figure out the number of students who are committed to attend the compulsory sport classes - To see students opinion about compulsory sport classes and what they feel about it Where At Dubai Women's college, in the Gym buliding For Who Dubai Women's College students Policies Blackboard Learn and Safe Assign Learning materials Teacher trainings Guideline and tips posters Lessons in Blackboard Learn website Attendance Absent and late marks Cloths and shoes Projects Disease Presentation Report submission Exercise Poster Exams Blackboard exams Practical exam Type of classes Training with teacher in the gym class Throw & Catch motor skills Striking motor skills Machines Cardio Vascular Equipment Cycling machines Treadmill Effects Disadvantages Force students to play sports that they may don't like it Make students attend sport classes depend on their schedule that may not be suitable for some students in terms of time Advantgaes College provide certificates for the successful and active students in sport classes Increase awareness in people and make them become a role model for other people in society Students may teach what they have learned in the sport classes to their family members and friends Social competence Exercising makes people become healthier in the future that will make their social life better Healthy body makes people become more active in their job Improve student’s communication skills by communicating with the sport coach and other students in the gym. Academice achievements Raise student's absorption Increase self-confidence Sports help students to have a flexible and beautiful body Avoid dangerous diseases in students Depression Diabetes Avoid overweight
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