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  1. Why did I want start my own business?
    1. I want to be able to teach people that don't know how to work computers so they know what they are doing.
    2. What do I need to do?
      1. Get the relevant qalifcations
      2. What is my business about?
        1. Teaching people how to use basic in computers
        2. Where will I be situated?
          1. Location to be sorted out.
          2. Is this for everybody?
            1. It will be for people who are looking to learn how to use computers. all ages from children to elderly
            2. Will I be portable?
              1. Yes. Im hoping to be able go to peoples homes to teach them basic pc
              2. What Will I teach
                1. Pc Baisc
                  1. 1. How to turn Desktop pc and laptop on and off properly 2. How to use the start menu 3. How to use Microsoft Word
                  2. What areas will I cover?
                    1. how to turn on computers, use word, internet, upload cv use Facebook.
                    2. Will there be things to take home and learn?
                      1. If they have a computer at home. so they can practice what they have learned
                      2. How much will it cost?
                        1. 4 hours a week and costs just £48 per person.
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