Let's learn together

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Let's learn together
1 Stephen Krashen
1.1 Main Idea: Krashen theorized that we all acquire language the same.
1.2 Application: It would help us understand that just because we change the way we say things; louder or making students repeat it doesn't help them understand. Drawings help some, but it still doesn't help them fully understand. Students understanding messages is how students fully learn.
2 Jim Cummins
2.1 Main Idea: BICS and CALPS are how students learn and then what they build on.
2.2 Application: Speaking and decoding comes quickly, but not academically using grammar and writing comes later. Knowing this about your students can help you further assess their work. Helping students read more helps them pick up academically faster.
3 Noam Chomsky
3.1 Main Idea: All languages have the same basis (noun, verb, adjectives, etc.)
3.2 Application: We can use the same underlying basics to help students understand how grammar and sentences function together.
3.4 Main Idea: Language Acquisition Device (LAD)
3.6 We can help students with their speaking skills by teaching them to mimicking out language
4 Steven Krashen
4.1 Application: We should look at the students reactions to learning new languages to ensure that they can have bad experiences and not want to learn anymore.
4.3 Main Idea: Combines several language learning techniques, but adds in a new aspect.
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