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Mapa Conceptual de Liderazgo
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The Effects of Climate Change
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General Physiology of the Nervous System Physiology PMU 2nd Year
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Analysis of Brief
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GCSE AQA Biology - Unit 2
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1 Materials
1.1 Wood
1.2 Metals
1.3 Polymers
1.4 What materials are available?
1.5 How much of a specific material can I use?
2 Saftey
2.1 Is it safe for children?
2.1.1 Is it a choke hazard?
2.1.2 Is it sharp?
2.2 Will it overheat if left on for a while?
3 Function
3.1 Can it light up an entire room?
3.2 Is it possible to spread the light so it illuminates a wider area?
4 Cost
4.1 How much will cost it cost to acquire all the materials?
5 Aesthetics
5.1 What colour will it be?
5.2 What shapes are available to me?
5.3 How big/small should I make it?
5.4 What colour/shape should the light source be?
6 Client/Target Market
6.1 Will this product be suitable for my client?
6.2 Will it fit the client's needs?
7 Production Methods
7.1 What tools am I going to need to use?
7.2 What machines am I going to need to use?
7.3 How long will it take to finish production?
8 Ergonomics
8.1 Its gotta be comfortable on the hand
8.1.1 How do I make it comfortable?
8.3 No sharp edges
9 Environment
9.1 Are the meaterials im using environmentally friendly?
9.2 Can it be recycled?

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