dummies brand refresh

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dummies brand refresh

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dummies brand refresh
1 marketing - rw/dp/db/mm/jh/ck/mc/ln/az
1.1 internal comms plan
1.1.1 micro site for all stakeholders to access for communication of progress Decide best platform/template brief Nancy Bane brief content for site launch week beginning November 5th Communication to Wiley through corp comms CK/MC RW/AZ DB/RW
1.1.2 agree key messages and key advocates info for ELT info for sales/rights info for editors DP/RW/JH/MC
1.2 marketing collateral audit
1.2.1 input from broader marketing group as to requirements per area brief to ashley zurcher/brian morrison/creative services LN - Retail/Channel LC - Custom MM - Rights
1.3 external launch plan
1.3.1 Review week beginning 5th November
2 product - kfw/km/lc/mm
2.1 interior design
2.1.1 design creation
2.1.2 design review
2.1.3 execution
2.2 exterior design
2.2.1 design creation rw/dp/kn
2.2.2 execution mike trent
2.3 logistics/launch
2.3.1 reprint strategy
3 custom
3.1 design/templates
3.2 execution
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