Computer Systems

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Computer Systems
1 What is a computer system?
1.1 Has a input, output, process and storage
1.1.1 Input, output, process and storage Input Output Process Storage
2 Professional standards
2.1 Reliability
2.2 Software standards
2.2.1 How to allocate staff to teams
2.2.2 How to keep track of changes
2.2.3 How to code programs
2.2.4 How to test
2.2.5 How to document the whole system
2.2.6 Benifits Efficency Any member of a software team can understand it without adapting to a new program Fewer errors and debugging Standards result in more accurate coding Easy to maintain Any programmer can find it relatively easy to look through the code and make changes
2.3 Standards for coding programs
2.3.1 Put comments in the code
2.3.2 Variable names Naming convention
2.3.3 Formatting code
2.3.4 Version names and numbers
3 Ethical, environmental and legal considerations
3.1 Data protection act
3.1.1 Rules The data must be accurate and up to date You have a right to see what data is held about you The data must be protected from unauthorised access
3.1.2 Personal data is held in hundreds of computers
3.1.3 We would like to be confident that this data is accurate and held for a specific purpose
3.1.4 A lot of this data is private and should not be available for anyone else to look at
3.1.5 It should also be kept safe from people who want to use it for criminal purposes
3.2 Computer misuse act
3.2.1 Rules Developers should not create any programs that help hackers
4 Computer systems in the modern world
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