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Play encourages and teaches children too...


Put together everything I could think of what play contributes towards for children for my report
Theodora Brown
Mind Map by Theodora Brown, updated more than 1 year ago
Theodora Brown
Created by Theodora Brown over 6 years ago

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Play encourages and teaches children too...
  1. Take turns
    1. Help them learn appropriate behaviour
      1. Communication
        1. Speech
          1. Language
            1. Body language
            2. Social skills
              1. Problem solve
                1. Cognitive development
                  1. Repition
                    1. Share
                      1. Helps develop physically
                        1. Gross: large limb movement
                          1. Fine: small muscles
                          2. Learn the consequences of their actions
                            1. Understand concepts
                              1. Respect
                                1. Imitation
                                  1. Imagination
                                    1. Learning to predict
                                      1. Imagination
                                        1. Confidence
                                          1. Diversity
                                            1. Tolerance
                                              1. Eqaulity
                                              2. Learn from each other
                                                1. Ask questions
                                                  1. Social and emotional development
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