Multicultural Managers

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Multicultural Managers

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Multicultural Managers
  1. Identity of a executive “global”
    1. Benefits
      1. Creative
        1. Adaptive
          1. Leadership skills
            1. Cognitive integration
            2. Disadvantages
              1. Personality
                1. Extroverted
                  1. Sociable
                    1. Assertive
                    2. Religion
                      1. Custom
                      2. Not Enough
                        1. Ethnic background and early childhood experiences.
                          1. The experience of living in multiple cultures
                            1. Language fluency
                              1. Parents from different cultural origins
                                1. Studying and working abroad
                                2. New Rule
                                  1. Integrating new team members from different cultures
                                    1. Wuickly develop their own norms of interaction
                                      1. “in or out”
                                    2. Anticipating cross-cultural conflicts, and addressing them, something critical to the effectiveness of global teams.
                                      1. Mediating the relationship between global teams
                                        1. High level of cultural diversity among their members
                                      2. Integrate
                                        1. Positive difference to the success of global innovation projects and processes.
                                          1. Develop and launch product line
                                            1. Exploit what I've got from one part to other parts of the world
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