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pt experience
1 playwriting
1.1 encoding
1.2 taking a short story and turning it into a play--short story vs theatre/drama
1.2.1 added features sounds adds texture and can contribute to a more immersive experience chorus for emphasis symbolise internalising of notion, idea etc The fact that she herself utters the words ‘who wants her?’ with reference to herself, shows that she too, despite her veneer of contentment and happiness, knows that she has no place in this community and acknowledges that she is not wanted. soundscapes set mood isabelle's play w/ japanese elements and 'mood music' music! km has themes for each set of characters to underscore certain thematic or emotional moments act as motifs
1.3 s
1.3.1 such as choice of theatre, use of symbols etc
2 acting
2.1 decoding
3 adaptation and interpretation
3.1.1 limitations of each genre making the internal external how this can be circumvented use of monologue splitting into an internal and external manifestation of each character grace's group--one mining while one narrating helps with timeline too--this technique makes it seem like a recount and as his past catches up, it becomes one person public and private self use of screen costumes highlights focus of each scene “Unlike the novelist or short-story writer, a playwright cannot depend on a narrative voice rounding out a a character by means of description and analysis” music
3.1.2 dramatic conventions drama as a visual art--visual elements of drama brechtian theatre


  • -not appeal to feelings but to intellect / reason -capable of provoking social change realism, not identification of role VERFREMDUNGSEFFEKT (distancing effect):  -prevents audience from losing themselves completely -interrupts narrative -disrupts stage illusion—performer can observe himself -make obvious the fictive qualities of the medium—self aware styles of theatre naturalistic


  • -creates an illusion of reality through drama / theatre -la nouvelle formule: -play should be realistic, not flamboyant or theatrical -conflicts need to be meaningful, -not small or petty -play should be simple, no subplots/lengthy expositions everyday speech, plausibility of writing, drama is psychologically driven and there is no breaking of the 4th wall tenesse williams: give accents to certain values in each scene colour palette yad's group--internal miss brill is bright while external miss brill is drab isabelle’s group--johns in severe black and white, while jane is dressed in a loose white dress and kept barefoot—disturbing contrast between vulnerable and powerful lighting to direct attention set mood costumes used to reflection position, power l constrast visual element: it's the only colourful thing that she wears and is a parallel to her. this is further accentuated by the fact that it sheds in her hands when she is hurt and she treats in it a manner similar to herselfe i.e. powdering of nose
3.2 styles of theatre
3.3 dialogue
3.4 focus
3.5 structure
3.6 symbols
3.6.1 can be preserved more subtle in drama; you have to look out for clues to get added meaning eg miss brill's fur s
3.7 taking someone's play and staging a production
4 purpose of art
4.1 joseph conrad: inspire feelings in brotherhood
4.2 art is more intense than life
4.2.1 art as a means of working through reality
4.3 convey a message
4.3.1 focus
4.3.2 sometimes the message is different eg. esther's vision: ensemble = insanity but for us we decided ensemble = patriarchy/science vs feelings
4.3.3 makes use of dramatic conventions & stylistic choices
4.4 examine a part of life
4.4.1 inner and outer world as,gt/ miss brill and how the inner thoughts affect actions or action affect thoughts TTH: how external judgement affects internal landscape
5 audience member
5.1.1 opens up message to larger themes--i.e. how patriarchy has cages & stifled women
6 The meaning of a text is not inherent within the text itself, but is created within the relationship between the text and the reader.

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