Principles of assessments

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Principles of assessments
1 Validity
1.1 Valid results, useful, Meaningful, Appropriate
1.1.1 Types Direct testing When Students perform target task Inderect testing When students don't actually perform the task
1.1.2 Construct related evidence Students can't uderstand well the instructions. Student's how students felt with the test.
2 Authenticity
2.1 They measure language learners ability to use the target language in real life.
2.1.1 The language in the test is natural.
2.1.2 Topics have to be meaningful, relevant and iteresting for the learners. Examples Testing students speaking abilities Role play Language tests Describing a person Real world tasks
3 Reliabilty
3.1 It's a test that is able to be trusted.
3.1.1 STUDENT If a student is not feeling good the day of test, sick, having a bad day the grade won't be relliable other examples are: Inter - rated reliability When the teaher doesn't give the all the students the same test or if she or he gives different evaluation creteria
3.1.2 TEACHER Intra- rated reliablity Inconsistente evaluation creteria . *Unclear scoring criteria * Teacher fatigue* carelessness. These are examples of a not reliable test
4 Practicality
4.1 The relationship between available resources for the test and the use of the test
4.1.1 It's divided in four sections Cost The test should not be too expensive Time The test shouldn't be too long or too short Administration Not too complicated or complex to conduct Scoring/ Evaluation It should fit into the time allocation and accompanied with scoring rubrics
5 Face Validity
5.1 Teacher does the test thinking of students
5.1.1 Teacher puts questions on the test that they have already seen throughout the course Questions are clear and there is no suprises. Washback Feedback at the end of the test. Positive: Encourages students and also they will know what they got wrong and why Negative: Teacher only gives back test and doesn't tell them what they got wrong
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