Outstanding Teaching and Learning

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Outstanding Teaching and Learning
1 Teacher Questions
1.1 How effective is teacher questioning?
1.2 How effectively is pupil voice used to enhance learning?
2 Classroom Management
2.1 Is the emotional environment and ethos created conducive to good learning?
2.2 How effective is learners' behaviour managed?
2.3 How effectively do learners work collaboratively?
3 Subject Knowledge
3.1 How is teacher knowledge being used to stretch learners of all abilities?
3.2 How effective is the teaching of reading and literacy?
4 Challenge, Differentiation and Pitch
4.1 Is the level of challenge and expectation high enough?
4.2 Are targets/challenges being used effectively to support learning?
4.3 How effectively are learners acquiring new knowledge, skills and understanding?
5 Teaching Methods
5.1 Is there a variety of teaching and learning styles being employed?
5.2 Are learners being supported to learn independently?
5.3 How effective is teacher exposition?
6 Resources
6.1 Are resources being deployed effectively?
6.2 Is the physical environment conducive to good learning?
7 Effective Assessment, including Feedback
7.1 Are learners clear about 'why' they are learning as well as 'what' they are learning?
7.2 Is work being assessed effectively?
7.3 How effective is the link between the learning objective and success criteria?
7.4 Are learners given regular opportunities to reflect on their work?
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