Obesogenic environments: exploring the built and food environments


Ambiente obesogenico
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Obesogenic environments: exploring the built and food environments
  1. Obesogenicity of an environment
    1. The obesogenicity of an environment
      1. Definition
        1. conditions that promote obesity in the population
        1. Health related
          1. its physical design (the built environment)
            1. socio-cultural rules that govern these environments
              1. The socio-economic status
              2. microenvironments
                1. school, workplace, home, neighbourhood.
                2. macroenvironments
                  1. Education and health systems, government policy, society’s attitudes and beliefs
                3. BUILT ENVIRONMENT
                  1. consists of three elements
                    1. land use patterns
                      1. Residential, commercial, office, industrial, etc.
                      2. transportation systems.
                        1. physical design
                        2. Cities and Communities.
                          1. suburbs
                            1. ‘less walkable’
                              1. obesity related
                              2. Cities
                                1. higher levels of residential density
                                  1. land-use mix, access to subway stations and bus stops, and street connectivity
                                    1. Lowest BMI in population
                              3. FOOD AND NUTRITION
                                1. Availability and accessibility to food
                                  1. food access
                                    1. Food for home consumption from supermarkets and grocery shops
                                      1. out-of-home consumption from restaurants and take-aways.
                                        1. fast-food
                                      2. food advertising and marketing.
                                        1. the influence of industry
                                          1. advertising to children
                                            1. consumption of energy dense micronutrient-poor foods.
                                      3. MEASURING THE OBESOGENIC
                                        1. Direct measures
                                          1. face to face interviews by trained investigators
                                          2. Indirect measures
                                            1. combination of survey data to estimate socio-economic status
                                            2. Intermediate measures
                                              1. use of telephone book, yellow pages or marketing databases
                                              2. objective measurements
                                                1. actual counts of traffic
                                                2. subjective measurements
                                                  1. an individual’s self-reported perception of crime in their neighbourhood
                                                3. FUTURE WORK
                                                  1. prevention
                                                    1. programmes aimed at children and adolescents
                                                    2. Research studies
                                                      1. about the connection between location, diet, and activity in youth.
                                                        1. To explore factors related to their environment and urban space
                                                          1. Log of dietary intake and activity levels
                                                          2. Health programs for youth and children
                                                            1. obesity prevention
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