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Effective Study Tips


A small diagram on effective study tips!! :)
Hannah Walsh
Mind Map by Hannah Walsh, updated more than 1 year ago
Hannah Walsh
Created by Hannah Walsh over 6 years ago

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Effective Study Tips
  1. Equipment
    1. Pens
      1. Books
        1. Rulers
          1. Erasers
            1. Colouring Pencils
              1. Paper
                1. You should try and have all the necessary equipment before you begin your studying to remove any temptation to procrastinate.
                2. Methods
                  1. Mind-Maps
                    1. Fishbone diagram
                      1. Study timetable
                        1. Spider diagram
                        2. Suitable Enviroment
                          1. All Electrical devices should be removed
                            1. Quite
                              1. Comfertable
                                1. Music (Optional)
                                2. Make sure to stay hydrated and well fed for the full study experience.
                                  1. DONT PROCRASTINATE!!
                                    1. Make sure you are well rested to absorb all your information properly.
                                      1. Make sure to take breaks and space out your studying as cramming does not help to absorb all your information.
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