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Study Tips


A mind map to help you study
Mind Map by eoghan.lacy, updated more than 1 year ago
Created by eoghan.lacy over 6 years ago

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Study Tips
  1. Equipment
    1. Books
      1. Erasers
        1. Pens
          1. Lighting
            1. Notes
              1. Fresh air
                1. Highlighters
                  1. Different cooured pens
                    1. Spare paper
                      1. Glasses (if needed)
                        1. Enviroment
                          1. Quiet
                            1. No distractions
                              1. Window/fan
                                1. Have drink
                                  1. Get comfortable
                                    1. Preparation
                                      1. Get good rest
                                        1. Have all equipment
                                          1. Eat
                                            1. Let others know you are about to start studying
                                              1. Make sure you have enough time
                                                1. Techniques
                                                  1. Write down what you read without reading it again
                                                    1. Get others to test you
                                                      1. Flashcards
                                                        1. Fishbone diagrams
                                                          1. Take breaks
                                                            1. Guides
                                                              1. Brainstorm
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