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South Australian Certificate of Education (SACE) Physics (Electrochemistry) Mind Map on Electrochemistry, created by Mika Goetze on 11/12/2013.

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1 Galvanic Cells


  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C26pH8kC_Wk
1.1 Consist of two half cells
1.1.1 Electrode immersed in electrolyte Through which ions move
1.1.2 Connected to each other by a wire Through which electrons move
1.1.3 Each electrolyte is connected by a salt bridge Through which ions move
1.1.4 Oxidation / Reduction Oxidation Occurs at Anode Occurs at negative terminal Reduction Occurs at Cathode Occurs at positive terminal
1.2 Galvanic Cell
1.3 Reactions
1.3.1 Anode Zn -> Zn2+ + 2e-
1.3.2 Cathode Cu2+ + 2e- -> Cu
1.3.3 Electrons travel through circuit in order to reach other half cell The more reactive metal will always give electrons The less reactive metal will always take electrons
2 Rechargeable Cells
2.1 Fuel Cells
2.1.1 How they work Use Hydrogen and Oxygen Split hydrogen electrons from protons Then join them up on other side of curcuit Produce only water
2.1.2 Positives Produce no harmful waste products Can theoretically go forever Allow us to attain power in far off locations
2.1.3 Negatives Very Expensive
2.2 Electrolytic Cells
2.2.1 Lead Car Battery
2.2.2 Recharge through electrolysis
2.2.3 Works like galvanic cell
2.2.4 Recharging Lead Electrode: Pb2+ + 2e- → Pb Lead Oxide Electrode: Pb2+ → Pb4+ + 2e-
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