Technology in the Classroom

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A mind map of the problems with technology in the education system.

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Technology in the Classroom
1 Personal Experience
1.1 Grade 7's (Australia)
1.1.1 All Grade 7's had iPads that each family had to purchase for their student. IPads were used everyday and students were expected to do most coursework on their iPad. There were strict rules in class to put ipads away during instruction. I discussed with the students what they thought of the ipads and they stated that they felt a bit of an addiction to the games they had and often would check the games whilee doing work in class. They said they couldn't resist the urges to at least check the games (like candy crush) and was hard to stay focussed. There were some perks to having the ipads - like instant communication with students outside of the classroom via email - but I didn't feel that the iPads increased learning potential for the students but caused more distraction instead.
1.2 First Year of Teaching
1.2.1 During my first year of teaching I taught at a school that allowed cell phones and other devices in class. My biggest struggle throughout the year was trying to get cell phones put away during class time. I felt as though I could not take them away because I was still building repore with the students and didn't want to damage the relationships by taking away their cell phones. The few times I did confiscate the device the students became very defensive and started showing behavioural issues in class. Also, no other teachers would take cell phones away from students which made me feel as though I couldn't take them away either.
1.2.2 Distraction Example: Right before a test I gave 2 periods of review time, one where I did examples on the board with the students and one for students to ask questions and study on their own. During the time for independent study, I saw at one point that all students were on their devices, which upset me as I felt that they were wasting time in class. The next day when we were supposed to write the test they all claimed that they were not prepared for the test and wanted another day of review. I brought up the previous day and they didn't see any problmes with their behaviour. Students also went to the principal and he forced me to give them another day of review.
1.2.3 Students consistently showed up to class ill prepared because they had forgot assignments at home on computer there or on USB they did not bring to school.
2 Social Issues
2.1 With devices present - bullying is easier
2.2 Students feel pressured to use their devices because other students are using theirs (popularity)
2.3 Social class - students whose family struggles financially can feel the social pressures of not being able to afford what other students have
3 Distraction to Students
3.1 Most students don't have self control to put down their devices
3.2 Social media is addicting
3.3 Even if students check their phones for 2 minutes, it is still a disruption to their work time in class
4 Technological Issues
4.1 Damage/Repair
4.1.1 Costs a lot of money to fix devices
4.1.2 Students may misuse technology at school and school can't afford to replace them
4.1.3 Takes a lot of time to fix devices
4.2 Internet Issues
4.2.1 When internet isn't working causes major disruption to lesson plans
4.2.2 When students require devices to do their work but servers are down or are slow and are not able to research
4.2.3 Students forgetting devices or USB's with projects on them at home and are not able to work in class
5 Cost
5.1 Puts financial pressure on families if students are told to purchase a device
5.2 Costs a lot of money for the school to have enough equipment for students
5.3 Many school struggle to have one text book per student let alone an electronic piece for each student
6 Instruction
6.1 Taking away from face to face contact
6.2 Does not make instruction significantly better
6.3 Lack of training for students and teachers
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