Diabetes Type 1

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Created by britni_jones52 almost 6 years ago
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1 Nursing intervention
1.1 Teach pt to monitor for s/s of hyperglycemia
1.1.1 polydipsia, polyphagia, poor wound healing, increased food intake
1.2 Teach pt to inspect feet daily for s/s of skin breakdown and infection
1.3 Teach pt to exercise
1.3.1 3 to 4 times per week to help with weigh management
1.4 Teach pt to self manage BS levels
1.4.1 Evaulate self confidence, and knowledge levels.
2 medications
2.1 Insulin
2.1.1 Enter text here
3 Nursing Interventions
3.1 Education
3.1.1 Ability to manage blood glucose, meals, and exercise
3.1.2 Instruct pt to check feet daily fo r s/s of infection and skin break down
3.1.3 Teach pt how to give insulin and how to dose insulin
3.1.4 teach pt s/s of hyperglycemia polydipsia, polyphagia, wt loss/gain, dizziness, blurred vision, poor woung healing
3.1.5 Observe for signs of urinary tract and vaginal infections, and monitor the patient’s urine for protein, an early sign of nephropathy.
3.2 Prevention
3.2.1 Provide meticulous skincare, espeically to feet wear close toed shoes
3.2.2 exercise
3.2.3 Practice healthy eating habits
3.2.4 Recommend regular ophthalmologic examinations.
4 Medications
4.1 Insulin
4.1.1 Long Acting Lantus, Levemir Long-acting insulin covers insulin needs for about one full day.
4.1.2 Short Acting Regular (R) humulin, Short-acting insulin covers insulin needs for meals eaten within 30-60 minutes
4.1.3 Rapid acting Humalog, Novolog, Apidra Rapid-acting insulin covers insulin needs for meals eaten at the same time as the injection.
5 Patho
5.1 Type 1 diabetes is a chronic illness characterized by the body’s inability to produce insulin due to the autoimmune destruction of the beta cells in the pancreas
6 Risk factors
6.1 age, gender, genetics
7 Goals
7.1 Free of infection and no skin breakdown
7.2 Able to maintain gluclose levels with in the 70-100
7.3 Exercise regulary
7.4 maintain healthy eating habits

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