Factors That Cause Change In Communities

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Factors That Cause Change In Communities
1 Cultural Integration
1.1 This is where different cultures come together. It can be shown in Australia hrough all aspects of life. Such as music, TV etc. It is promoted through increased amount of migrants, tourism, religion etc.
2 Changing Nature and Patterns of Work
2.1 This changes because the size of the labour force, change in type of work available, technological advances that have changed the type of work.
3 Demographic Change
3.1 This changes in a different ways such as population rise through natural happenings and immigration, Ethnic composition causs a multicultural place, urban growth from change in population distribution, aging of population and the delay of women getting married leading to drop in fertility rate.
4 Globalisation of Economic Activity
4.1 This leads to the signing of free trade agreements, companies outsourcing jobs because of lower wages, foreign take overs of previously Australian companies, influence of global media networks.
5 Lifestyle Expectations
5.1 This is the change in the way people live. The richer people get, the more electrical appliances. More cars are owned at each home and backyards shrink as homes get larger. Mortgage debts are at an all time high.
6 New Technologies
6.1 3G, internet and mobiles have all become a vital part in Australian communities. Laptops and internet have changed the way people work. Internet has changed everything. We can use it for banking, finance, shopping etc.
7 Recognition of Native Title
7.1 This is the concept of law that recognises the ownership of land to indigenous people. It enhances the well being of indigenous communities. It helps for reconciliation and self determinatation of Aboriginal communities.
8 Resource Depletion
8.1 If the people of the community uses natural resources they will be adversely affected. It may cause a drop in population.