The Maze Runner

Melani Hodge
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Melani Hodge
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Maze Runner Book project, Mind Maps

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The Maze Runner
  1. Setting
    1. Time Unknown
      1. The people are in a maze.
      2. Theme
        1. The message in the Maze Runner is never give up, because if you do there is no going back.
          1. The message is brought out in the book when they figured out that there is a code, and many of people could of quit, but they didn't, some did and found that when you do give up you can never escape.
          2. Main Conflict
            1. The problem in this book is the Gladers (the people inside the maze), are stuck inside the maze, and they haven't found a way for 2-3 years now.
              1. The reason for this is that there was a sun flare, and a dieses that came along with it was bad. The maze was created so the people would become very smart, and make a cure for the dieses.
              2. Characters
                1. Thomas
                  1. Brave
                    1. Intelligent/Smart
                    2. Teresa
                      1. Caring
                        1. Daring/Risk taker
                        2. Minho
                          1. Brave
                            1. Perseveres
                          2. By: James Dashner
                            1. Melani Hodge- 8th
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