Star in the Storm

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Emily Roberts4533
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This is my mind map about my book, Star in the Storm.

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Star in the Storm
1 Setting
1.1 early 1900, or late 1800's
1.2 northern united states
1.3 winter
2 Theme
2.1 When Sirus was charged with killing one of tamars sheep when he is innocent, his courageous act makes everyone truley believe that he is innocent.
2.2 If you are innocent and kind at heart, it will pay off.
3 Main Conflict
3.1 conflict 2: There are two boats that go out into the ocean, (one her father is on and one that the rands new grandson is on) and there is a severe storm.
3.2 conflict 1: Tamar says that she will shoot him the next time she has the chance. so maggie has to hide sirus.
3.3 cause 1: Tamar thinks that Sirus killed her sheep.
3.4 cause 2: The weather/ storm.
4 Characters
4.1 Sirus
4.1.1 brave
4.1.2 smart/strong
4.2 Maggie
4.2.1 whitty/determined
4.2.2 adventureous
4.3 Vera (Maggie's cousin)
4.3.1 high-strung
4.3.2 supportive
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