technology for learning

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technology for learning

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technology for learning
1 hardware
1.1 desktop
1.2 ipad
1.3 smartphone
1.4 projector
2 tools
2.1 powerpoint
2.1.1 keywords
2.1.2 picture
2.2 video
2.2.1 youtube
2.2.2 appldaily
2.3 internet
2.3.1 search engines google yahoo
3 reasons
3.1 golabization
3.2 environmental friendly
4 benefits
4.1 search fast
4.1.1 for teacher
4.2 effciency learning
4.2.1 for students
5 drawbacks
5.1 health problem
5.1.1 negative diopters
5.2 finanical problem
5.2.1 expenisve
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