Trotsky or Stalin?


arguments for and against Trotsky and Stalin after Lenin died.
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Trotsky or Stalin?
  1. Stalin
    1. a more modest bolshevik
      1. uses insufficiant caution
        1. power mad
        2. thought to be right hand man of lenin
          1. his veiws were unlikely to split the party
            1. had lots of power within the party
              1. general secratery
                1. was able to apoint people and dismiss them
                  1. thought to be dull by other bolsheviks
                2. sat in the background gaining support
                  1. put different parts of the party against eachother
                3. Trotsky
                  1. a radical bolshevic
                    1. believes that NEP ruins communism for russia
                    2. very self assured
                      1. cocky
                      2. had extreme veiws on communism
                        1. these were likely to split the party in half
                        2. wanted to start worldwide communism
                          1. sent agents and money to other countries
                          2. distrusted by older members of the party
                            1. thought to be planning a dictatorship
                            2. refused to get into the dirty work of political infighting
                              1. aroggantly thought he wouldnt have to work for power
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