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Elements of the Novel


My Book Project
Katerina Eilers
Mind Map by Katerina Eilers, updated more than 1 year ago
Katerina Eilers
Created by Katerina Eilers over 6 years ago

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Elements of the Novel
  1. Main Conflict
    1. Conflict/ Problem: Cassia is falling for someone who isn't her match.
      1. Cause: Ky's face shows up on her match screen after she already has her match Xander
      2. Theme:
        1. How brought out in book: Cassia and Ky didn't let their love be controlled by the society.
          1. Message/Theme: Don't let anyone control you and don't ever give up.
          2. Setting:
            1. Time: In the future.
              1. Place/Location: Maple Tree Bourgh
              2. Characters:
                1. Xander:
                  1. outgoing and Brave
                  2. Ky:
                    1. Shy and calm
                    2. Characteristic:
                      1. Characteristic:
                        1. Cassia:
                          1. Kind
                            1. Confused
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