Agriculture Societies

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Agriculture Societies
1 tolita--> There are two major settlements of this culture, the first in the Bay of Tumaco in Colombia , and the other on the Island of La Tolita in Ecuador . The Ecuadorian side we can see a large number of man- tola mounds and archaeological remains of jewelry and ceramics.
2 Bahia--> Bahia was claimed by the portuguese.1500’s and 1700’s, Bahia was a prime area for its sugar plantations and industry, translating to an enormous influx of people, including African slaves.Now bahia is independent. it is located on the coast.
3 Jama-Coaque--> Their ceramic reflects the live in Jama-Coaque.their forms are humans , some of them are animals , and some of them are animals and humans at the same time.They don´t know so much of this social organization, but arqueologists believe that the leader was a religious person
4 Guangala--> culture thrived from AD 100 to 800 in the Manabí Province. They built better housing to improve their living, and for avoid every damage of the climate
5 Napo--> know have toruistics places , dishes , their customs and believes . their festivities are the same . Napo is located in the Ecuadorian Amazon region and including part of the slopes of the Andes to the Amazon plains.
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