knowledge within a discipline develops according to the principles of natural selection

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knowledge within a discipline develops according to the principles of natural selection
1 how can a knowledge be better than the other?
1.1 can a type of knowledge have a selective advantage over the other?
1.2 how is knowledge measured?
2 I choose this title because i am studying biology Hl, it is one of my favourite subjects and i recently looked at evolution and natural selection so they are themes that are fresh in my mind.
2.1 the title instalnly caught my attention since one of my studying options is biology and so everything that has to do with it interests me.
2.1.1 natural selection is a sub-theme of evolution; evolution is the survival of the fittest and i think is an idea that really relates to the permanence of knowledge and therefore future acquisition of it. this have been said i think this title would be an interesting idea to explore plus the fact i know about the theme and theres lots to say about it. the last point is that this is not one of the popular titles and so choosing something different might be exiting.
3 my position towards this title is that some types of knowledge have several advantages that make it somehow more relevant or able to endure over time. to determine which knowledge is official and able to perdure over time is its relevance, theoretical basis, evidence and backup experimentation.
3.1 Darwin and Wallace theory of evolution. they both presented the same data, with difference experimentation records, and even though they were both right, Darwin's theory is the one presented as the official theory of evolution.
3.2 it also depends on the source of knowledge, who is the person creating and spreading the knowledge.
3.3 relevance can be measured on its application in the world. how close it is to reality (assuming theres not an absolute truth). there are some specific areas of knowledge were their theories are constantly changing, evolving, and so once again following the principles of natural selection and evolution.
4 natural sciences
4.1 reason and sense perception
4.2 theory of cell membrane, there have been 3 theories that have changed over time. first there was a theory of a monolayer, then a theory called the "sandwich theory" and finally the model of the fluid mosaic thats considered the offical one till the moment
4.3 with these ways of knowledge, different scientist were able to prove that the older models were not close to what happened on real life and so these theories evolve to have a closer approach to reality
5 history
5.1 language
5.2 An example can be when historias after reading more sources change their opinion and so, to an extent history changes. this is because history is a perception of the past and so there is not an absolute truth, everyone has a different opinion and perception according to their living of the time.
5.3 this is mainly because there are sources that come out later and so they can change the whole story, an example can be seen in russia after the power struggle followed by Lenin's death. everyone though that Lenin liked Stalin and he approved him to be his successor, but in reality (long time after that) when Lenin's diary was published, history and perceptions changed. this is seen throughout language because most sources on which historian rely on to dictate history is language. not only written (that comprehends the writter's word choice that can change interpretation) images and comics that are other tiles of language (the picture they are showing) etc.
6 other people might argue that knowledge passes from generation to generation and docent change.
6.1 from the indigenous knowledge sisters one could argue that their knowledge came from many years ago and is passed from generations, giving them the ability to survive and the maintenance of their culture and beliefs. this shows how knowledge doesent evolve but rather persists over time.
6.2 other might argue that ethics is a fields that docent evolve but rather adapts to certain circumstances. some might argue that their values and morals are something they were raised with and will not change since has become part of who they are, their personality.
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