Storm Thief
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Storm Thief is owned by Chris Wooding.

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Storm Thief
1 Chactors
1.1 Rail
1.1.1 Untrustful
1.1.2 Smart
1.2 Moa
1.2.1 Easygoing
1.2.2 trustful
1.3 Vago
1.3.1 Goulem
1.3.2 Strong
2 setting
2.1 place
2.1.1 Orkoros
2.2 time
2.2.1 Present
3 plot
3.1 Scene 1
3.1.1 Rail and Moa stole the artifact and ran away and met Vago and they are together.
3.2 Scene 2
3.2.1 They meet this lady named Kittiwake and she believes there's more than the city out there because Vago had a necklace made from a dead new land.d bird from outside the city and devises a boat people to go out and fin
3.3 Scene 3
3.3.1 The authorities see this and says to stop this because it's a suicide mission and they do it anyways and they end up finding the Null Spire, which was thought to be legend. They meet this guy who explains why the chaos engine functions the way it does. Then the police blow up the chaos engine and sailed away.
4 Author
4.1 Chris wooding
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