Israel and the Palestinian conflict

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Israel and the Palestinian conflict


1 Culture
1.1 The concept of nationalism
1.2 Religious beliefs and territorial
1.3 Life in the middle of a conflict
1.3.1 Global Goal: Increase learners’ understanding about religious and territorial conflicts between Israel and the Palestinians Unit Title: What's going on in the Gaza strip?
2 Cognition
2.1 Assessing peer’s stories in terms of historical accuracy and creativity
2.2 Creating a digital story within the setting of the Gaza strip which includes historical references
2.3 Discussing the facts behind the Gaza strip conflict
2.4 Explaining concepts about religion, nationalism and state recognition
3 Communication
3.1 Language through learning
3.1.1 Words and expressions for judging other’s works
3.1.2 Expressions for stating agreement, disagreement like and dislike
3.1.3 New vocabulary related to the Middle East and the Gaza strip
3.1.4 Words related to technological tools used for story telling
3.2 Language of learning
3.2.1 Vocabulary for expressing opinions and turn taking
3.2.2 Formulaic expressions to politely agree or disagree
3.2.3 Expressions used for defining concepts and asking for clarification
3.3 Language of learning
3.3.1 Sequence words to narrate events
3.3.2 Past tense to talk about historical events
3.3.3 Specific vocabulary about the Middle East
4 Content
4.1 Causes of the conflict in the Gaza strip
4.1.1 The U.N. partition plan
4.1.2 British government
4.1.3 Zionism
4.2 Historical facts behind Israel and the Palestinians
4.2.1 The Ottoman Empire
4.2.2 What is an Intifada?
4.3 Jerusalem as sacred territory for three main religions
4.3.1 Christianism
4.3.2 Islam
4.3.3 Judaism

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