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This is a concept map with the themes I can analyze in the book 1984.

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  1. Themes
    1. Control
      1. in 1984, control, as a theme, is what we see the most. We see word power, cameras, prisoners, and tele-screens enforcing laws everywhere. This is a key to the novel because Winston is trying to overthrow the Party and he needs a lot in order to overthrow it.
      2. Suffering
        1. In the novel, the major glance at suffering is Winston's mother. She went through hardships with him, even though we know of prisoners who have a hard life.
        2. Mystery
          1. Mystery is a key in the novel. O' Brien, Julia, and the Party are the major representations of mystery.
          2. Love
            1. There is a major glance at love when we see Winston and Julia. We see love also in Winston and his mother even though he caused her death, or so does he think.
          3. Dulce Et Decorum Est
            1. This poem gives a lot of imagery. Strong images and they can relate to 1984 because people are living in a gruesome society that tries to be perfect but the only thing that wants to be perfect is the government itself. The images seem the same, of war and of this dystopia.
            2. If...
              1. Rudyard Kipling really takes on what could happen with an "if," and "then" poem and this could be taken into the novel to kind of hypothesize what the Party is up to.
              2. Civil Disobedience
                1. Civil disobedience emphasizes in the refusal of obeying laws. The society in 1984 is so under control that they don't even have the need of this. The party is focused on how they can prevent this and overlook everyone in case there is a attempt of something.
                2. Word Power
                  1. If you take out words of a dictionary, people will begin to have less feelings and won't have a way of expressing themselves causing major catastrophes of control. The party tries to do this so they can gain even more control of the society in the book 1984. How will they know what something is when they feel it?
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