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1 Investigating and Analyzing
1.1 4: presented the main findings of relevant research.
1.2 3: described the main features of an existing product that inspires a solution to the problem
1.3 1: i explained and justified the solution to a problem
1.4 2: stated and prioritized the main points of research needed to develop a solution to the ptoblem, with minimal guidance
2 Developing Ideas
2.1 2:presented feasible ideas, and outlined the key features wich can be interpreted even by others
2.2 1:developed a list of success for the solution
2.3 3: presented the chosen design describing the key features
2.4 4: created a planning diagram wich outlined the main details for making the chosen solution
3 Creating the Solution
3.1 1:outlined a plan wich considersthe use of resources and timesufficient for peers to be able to follow to create a solution
3.2 3:followed the plan to create the solution wich function as intended and is presented appropriately presented
3.3 2: demonstrated excellent skills when making the solution
3.4 4: listed the changes made to the chosen design and plan when making the solution
4 Evaluating
4.1 4: outlined the impact of the solution on the client/target audience
4.2 1:outlined simple relevant testing methods, wich generated data, t measure the success of the solution
4.3 2: outlined the success of the solution against the design specification based on authentic product testing
4.4 3: outlined how the solution could be improved
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