Atoms and Radiation

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Created by hollyweber almost 6 years ago
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Atoms and Radiation
1 Atomic Structure
1.1 Properties of sub-atomic particles
1.1.1 Proton Relative Mass: 1 Relative charge: +1
1.1.2 Neutron Relative Mass: 1 Relative charge: 0
1.1.3 Electron Relative Mass: alomst 0 Relative charge: -1
1.2 Evidence for atomic structure
1.2.1 The 'plum pudding' model In this model, the atom was imagined to be a sphere of positive charge with negatively charged electrons dotted around inside it An experiment carried out in 1905 showed that the plum pudding model could not be correct.
1.2.2 Rutherford's scattering experiment
1.3 Isotopes
2 Nuclear Radiation
2.1 Background Radiation
2.1.1 All around us
2.1.2 Some from natural sources Cosmic rays Radiation that reaches earth from space Rocks and soil Some rocks are radioactive- giev off radon gas Living things Plants absorb radioactive materials from the soil and these pass up the food chain
2.1.3 Some from artical sources Medical x-rays Nuclear power and weapons test Radioactive waste Radioactive fallout
2.2 Types of radiation
2.2.1 Alpha Radiation Conists of alpha particles Two protons and two neutrons (identical to helium) No electrons
2.2.2 Beta Radiation Consists of high energy electrons Electrons which are made from a split neutrion The electron then shoots out at a high speed
2.2.3 Gamma Radiation Short wavelength Electromagnetic radiation
3 Nuclear Fusion and Fisssion