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Academic Stategies


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Academic Stategies
  1. Self Talk
    1. The inner critic
      1. The inner defender
        1. The inner guide
          1. wise inner voice that makes the best of any situation
          2. instead of judging ourselves we blame others
          3. accepts to much responsibility and blames us for what goes wrong
        2. Creator vs victim mindset
          1. Creator mindset
            1. causes people to see multiple options,choose the best one, make the best choices to live the life they want
              1. Victim mindset
                1. keeps people from making the choices they need to make for the life they want to live
            2. Personal Responsibility
              1. Take action for your own choices, learn from mistakes and do what needs to be done to get where you want to go!
              2. Inner conversation
                1. Positive thoughts, encourage yourself, don't pick out all the bad and none of the good.
                2. Goals and dreams
                  1. Self motivation
                    1. Write your dreams down on paper, make them visual in pictures drawing etc. that way when the road gets tough and you have self doubt just look at those reminders to help you stay focussed
                  2. Organization skills
                    1. Make a schedule for yourself to get into a routine, tackle hard subjects first. use good time manegment don't put partying and going out over your homework
                    2. Success?
                      1. staying on course to your desired outcomes and exeriences
                      2. Active Learning
                        1. have a thirst for knowledge
                          1. Study the material
                            1. find something that interests you about the topic
                            2. Self Acceptence
                              1. Acknowledge both strengths and weaknesses with humility and without denial be honest with oneself and try to improve themselves
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