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  1. Status of the person who feels pleasure, admiration or joy so intense that it can think or feel anything
    1. The effects of MDMA
      1. Reported undesirable effects (These can last a week after using MDMA, or possibly more in the case of regular users
        1. anxiety, restlessness, irritability, sadness, impulsiveness ,aggressiveness, Sleep disorders, Lack of appetite,thirst, Reduction in sexual interest and pleasure, Significant reductions in mental abilities.
          1. Because of its stimulant properties and the environment in which it is often used, MDMA is associated with vigorous physical activity for long periods of time. This can lead to one of the most acute and significant side effects, although rare, ie a marked increase in body temperature (hyperthermia). Treatment of hyperthermia requires prompt medical attention and that can lead to rapid muscle breakdown, which in turn can lead to kidney failure. In addition, susceptible people may suffer from dehydration, hypertension and heart failure. MDMA can also reduce the effectiveness of the cardiac pump, which is particularly worrying in periods of increased physical activity, further complicating these problems. MDMA is rapidly absorbed into the human bloodstream, but once inside the body MDMA metabolites affect the body's metabolism, interfering with their ability to break down the drug itself. As a result, additional doses of MDMA can produce unexpectedly high blood levels, which could worsen
              1. Symptoms of an overdose of MDMA:
                1. Arterial hypertension, Lightheadedness ,Panic attacks, Unconsciousness, seizures.
              2. Possible adverse health effects:
                1. nausea, chill ,sweating, Involuntary contraction of the muscles of the jaw, Muscle cramps, Blurry vision, Marked elevation in body temperature (hyperthermia), dehydration, hypertension, heart failure ,Renal failure, arrhythmia.
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